Mountain & Bathing Lakes

Bathing lakes with attractive play areas and leisure facilities mean holiday fun and relaxation for the whole family.

 The Berchtesgaden region holds surprises for visitors both young and old and is ideally placed to deliver an unforgettable holiday experience.

Germany’s largest natural bathing area, the Aschauerweiher, will make children think they’re in heaven with its shingle beach, stream, water slides and pirate island. Dive in to holiday and summer fun!

 The Thumsee near Bad Reichenhall has plenty of space for lounging and is very popular, and there is also the Königssee, the Obersee and the Seeleinsee on the Rossfeld mountain.


The old monastery complex and the fairytale castle island lend a unique, picturesque backdrop to the small bathing area at the Höglwörther See.

The blue of the summer sky is reflected in an array of enchanted mountain lakes, surrounded by forests, rocky crags, marshland or colourful flowering meadows where you can see dragonflies hovering in the sunlight.

Mountain lakes, with their special flora and their deep, dark hues are a constant source of fascination for nature lovers.

Thanks to its many different species of fish, the Listsee, which is situated in the water reserve near Bad Reichenhall, is a place where interesting discoveries abound, both in the water and on the banks.

Starting from Ramsau there is a beautiful path through the magical Zauberwald forest that leads directly to the idyllic Hintersee at the foot of the Reiteralm mountain.

In the southern part of the national park you will find the Funtensee, which is well known as the coldest place in Germany, where the low temperatures result from the area’s specific geological formation.

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