History of the Hundsreitlehen

Documentary First Mentioned in 1387

Records show that a Mr Hunt, who was a vassal (Lehensnehmer in German), was the owner of the property. The name Hunt probably has Irish origins. During this period, many of those appointed Archbishop of Salzburg were of Irish extraction.

These Irish bishops surrounded themselves with hunters and adventurers, including our Mr Hunt, who obviously felt so at home in the secluded Berchtesgadener Land that he began to clear woodland at this beautiful spot.

In the Eastern Alps the process of clearing woodland was known as reiten or reuten, thus Mr Hunt’s clearing became Huntsreit.

In later years the various homesteads were annexed by the Prince-Provosts of Berchtesgaden and given to the owners as fiefdoms (Lehen), hence the name Huntsreitlehen. In actual fact, most of the farmhouses in this area contain Lehen in their names. Over the years Hunt became Hund, giving us the Hundsreitlehen name we have today.

In 1906 the estate was bought by Jakob Piedersdorfer, who handed it over to his daughter Maria Selbertinger (née Piedersdorfer) in 1942. Maria’s son, Michael Selbertinger, became the new owner in 1968.

A short time later the first phase of major construction work was undertaken, with a new main building being erected alongside the historic, listed house. On completion of this work in 1970, Elisabeth and Michael Selbertinger began to offer catering facilities for the first time.

In 1997 the listed farmhouse underwent a total, sympathetic refurbishment with no expense spared. One year later the hotel was handed over to Elisabeth and Michael’s son, Marcus, and his wife Angelika.

It has always been our aim to make sure our guests feel at home and we also think it extremely important to do all we can to ensure the hotel will stand the test of time for years to come. Extensions, conversions and refurbishment work (all carried out during periods when the hotel is closed to the public) have all played their part in creating a cosy, comfortable atmosphere.

The Hundsreitlehen at the new Century

In 2000 we opened our Kneipp hydrotherapy complex, which uses water from our very own mountain spring.

Following the birth of our twins Hannah and Andreas in July 2001, there are once again three generations of the Selbertinger family living at Hundsreit.

In the autumn of 2001 we decided to reserve the restaurant and cafe for the exclusive use of our hotel guests. However, some things never change: Guests still have an extensive menu to choose from, and all the dishes are still cooked by Markus Selbertinger himself.

In 2002 we completely redesigned the entrance area.

In the late autumn of 2004, whilst the hotel was closed to the public, the entire roof was taken off the main building, which was extended. A new storey was also added, as was a cross-gable roof.

Thanks to this work, we are now able to offer our guests the generously sized "Snuggle" and "Romance" rooms, as well as the "Family Nests”.

After substantial construction work in the basement, our spa area was opened in January 2005.
Our guests can take advantage of a sauna cubicle with five different temperature zones, an infrared sauna and a solarium, to name but a few of the facilities on offer.
A spacious relaxation room gives you a peaceful end to your day and is the perfect way to recharge your batteries for tomorrow!

In 2005 the hotel’s heating system was converted to run on wood chips, the majority of which are supplied by our own forest holding. A storage building containing equipment for drying out the wood chips was built at the edge of the forest in 2006.

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